Elaine Dorty

i found this webpage on a woman (Elaine Dorty) who dresses in period fashion.  It appears to be 1800’s slave/frontier pieces.

im a little bit country…

haha! yes i am a country girl raised in the city. for me, life has muted meaning if it is not lived simply. everything seems so complicated and jumbled in the rat race. simple living is clean, clear and real for me. my little homegrown farm awaits my arrival… wherever it may be. 🙂

i found this site MaryJanesFarm a while ago, but i just recently purchased her magazine the Stitchery /Apron Issue .  i really love the whole idea of this.  women and farms.  self reliance…  being close to the ground.  they also have a message board, which i haven’t registered for yet, but plan to.

i also like the *New and Improved Martha*.  since her *time away* it seems she may have had some insights into enjoying life more.  but since i don’t know her, that is only an opinion.   but i likes her new ways now.  her website has so many cool things on it.  i get lost there.

well off to go play with my nieces outside.  hopefully later on i’ll finish tidying up this blog  🙂

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